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About Us



Born in Mexico and grown up as a nomad traveling around the world. I have a curious nature and I am fascinated by life and people.


In 2003  I was giving preparation for birth and parenting courses, in this time I became increasingly curious to identify what actually moves us to do what we do or stop doing. Why do we make certain choices ? And if we identify this driving force, could we be more effective in our life?  These questions fascinated me and it actually got more clear to me when in 2009 I met NVC.


Nonviolent Communication fascinated me because I found finally a very simple way to understand what is the drive within me and why others to do or not do something.  I discovered how effective it actually is when I know what is diving me to do something and I can communicate it to other people …. This was mind blowing! Actually it transformed my life, the relationship with my self and with my family, friends and it changed my work.


I am super exited about sharing NVC because is a super simple and powerful tool to gain clarity about myself, to understand others, contribute to other people lives, effectively communicate, maintain true cooperation and resolve conflicts.


As well I’m trained in a wide variety of other professions like: make-up artist, acting, wide range of dancing techniques since early childhood (belly dance modern dance, flamenco, Mexican folk dances and Argentinian tango), Birth and post partum Doula, Maternity nurse, therapeutic body work, massage,  Permaculture, Acroyoga, and psychology.


Although this might all look as many different random things, it actually became part of a whole. I mix my artistic and creative side with the depth of body work and nonviolent communication to teach and emotionally support people.


I have many years of experience meditating conflicts, specially among couples, supporting people overcome fears and limiting believes, preparing couples for birth and parenting, helping woman overcome sexual and birth trauma and teaching people how to communicate more effectively with each other.


My personal approach is to create exercises to embody learnings or insights, rather than only understanding them mentally.


Born and grown up in Berlin, with an always curious and introspective nature, always trying to understand and make sense of the world. After studying computer engineering and spending 15 years with computers as a microelectronic engineer I discovered people and got very interested.

The interest came when I discovered Nonviolent communication, which gave me the key to understand people and they suddenly started to make sense to me. I experienced a lot of puzzle pieces inside of me, which had finally found each other … 


My second passion which I started a decade earlier is also about communication, sometimes called universal body language, sometimes Tango dancing. As a trainer I like to combine self awareness, level of detail, movement and compassionate communication.

Together we give courses in Berlin and Amsterdam, ...

We teach Nonviolent Communication as CNVC Certification Candidates ... If you want to find out more about the Center of Nonviolent Communication and Certification visit (

About NVC and our courses

What is NVC ?

NVC is a simple and extremely powerful form of communication that supports us in improving our relationships with the people around us. It allows us to see what actually blocks our communication in our relationships and it gives us possibilities what we can do about it.

NVC helps us to resolve misunderstanding and conflicts in our daily life. It supports us to create deeper connection, trust and cooperation with the people around us. It also helps us heal wounds in ourselves and others. And last it empowers us to be leaders of our lifes using power with people and not power over people.  ​

NVC was created by Marshall Rosenberg, is a communication practice today used widely around the world in: communication, mediation coaching, self development and even conflict resolution in war zones.​

Today it is successfully used around the world in organizations, teams politics businesses, prisons, schools, families, relationships and in very every day life situations.

About our Courses

Workshop language will be English, with translations to German, Dutch or Spanish where needed.

Price, Money and Contribution

We choose to offer some workshops for free to lower the barrier to try out something new and to experience that NVC can contribute also to your life.

Some other courses we offer with a contribution "upon your choice", - so how does that work ?

Well - we are aware that there is a largely unequal distribution of money in this world. On top each of us has tons of believes about money.

We would like to meet you in mutuality, valuing our time and efforts as high as yours, taking into account the difference of all our own upbringing, education and professions.

At the same time we are part of this money-based society, and have costs for rent, food, trainings, etc.


To hold both we like to work with a model where you judge yourself as:

  • Needing support

  • financially healthy

  • or you like to support this workshop

With all courses we give you an indication of how much we need for sustainably offer the course (financially healthy), how much we ask as a minimum financial contribution (needing support) and how much we're willing to receive when you like to support our work.

And when the "minimum financial contribution" is still too high?

We would like to give everybody the possibility to join our courses,  so in this case please write us, and we'll try to find another way to contribute.

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