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Tango Communication



Tango communication is a workshop for dancers in all levels of experience, that would like to make their dance more satisfying. 


Unlike most tango workshops this workshop is not focused on improving your tango technique, but to improve your tango confidence, awareness and social skills in the Milonga and with your dancing partner. Such skills include how to give constructive feedback, how to keep your good mood in a Milonga even people you want to dance with say “No”, gain more clarity in your own intentions and expectations in order to make your dance experience more satisfying. 


This workshop will be a mix of dancing, self reflection and sharing experiences. For the clarity of expectation this is not a tango technique workshop. 

Who are we?

We are Boris and Sabina, a couple, passionate dancers for over a decade and communication trainers. We are inspired to share our passions with you - and specially how they enrich each other. For us it also not only made our dancing more rich but also all other aspects of our life.

Where : ART.13 TANGO - Dresdener Str. 11, 10999 Berlin

When : ... Upcoming ... One day workshop (11 - 17h)


Contribution : 60 / 90 / 120 EUR

  (your choice)

Workshop language will be English, with translations to German or Spanish where needed.

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